interpersonal is EAQC

Pilots, engineers or flight attendants - jobs in the aviation industry demand specialised qualifications. EAQC stands for "European Aviation Qualification Center" and is our very own service system developed for the fields of aptitude testing and quality assurance. EAQC enables highly approved aptitude testing processes to assess the qualifications of aviation personnel.

Eignungstest Bewerberauswahl Assessments

Precise applicant selection

  • Psychological, diagnostic selection procedures and assessment tailored to the aviation industry
  • WBT testing processes for all aviation specialist roles are developed and approved according to EU regulations
  • Specialised inventories for flights attendants, pilots and operational management roles
  • Skill tests using simulators, for example
  • Psychomotor aptitude assessments using MOZARD, FNPT for pilots or flying school applicants
  • Proficiency skill test using FNPT and all of the usual FBS/FFS simulators for pilot applicants
  • Standardised, qualified surveyors from various fields and companies within the aviation industry
  • Basic qualification tests for all relevant skill areas and personality traits can be integrated into our customers’ online application management systems